MAKING A WEB SERIES CAN BE EXPENSIVE. Between booking locations, purchasing insurance, assembling a solid cast and crew, renting equipment, and making sure everyone is fed, the cost quickly adds up to thousands of dollars. That’s not even including any additional work that has to be done in post-production to fix any issues with color and sound.

WE’RE DOING OUR BEST TO KEEP COSTS LOW. We have a solid group of volunteers on our crew and in our cast, we’ve worked out subsidized rates with our locations and, thanks to the support of the Northwest Film Center, we have access to a pretty amazing equipment library for free. That being said, there are still many other costs that we are covering out of our own pockets.

As the series continues to develop, we’ll be seeking out additional grant funding and launching an official crowdfunding campaign. Until then, we’re relying on the support from our friends, family, and community to help make this project a reality. Got a few extra bucks to send our way? Have connections to a local eatery willing to donate food? Want to contribute your time and skills? We’ll take it all!

Here are some of our more immediate needs (in no particular order):


Did we mention how expensive it is to make a web series? Monetary donations are an invaluable resource for projects like these as they provide the flexibility to cover any expenses across all stages of production.


Shoot days can be long and it’s important to keep everyone fed and happy. That means having plentiful snacks on hand at all times and providing meals for cast and crew members. Our first episode also prominently features a refreshment table, so we’ll need items for a typical meat, cheese, veggie, and fruit spread. Gift cards to grocery stores and restaurants are great for this as are direct donations of food.


The first episode takes place at a funeral, so we’ll need some of your standard funeral items: an urn (preferably empty—we’d hate to accidentally drop your grandpa), flowers, picture frames, table cloths, serving platters for the refreshment table, snack plates, cups, etc.


We’re always looking for more people to join our team! This project is pretty fluid, so even if you can’t commit to multiple episodes, we’d still love to have you participate as much as you’re able and willing to. Let us know if you’re interested in being on the crew, auditioning for a speaking role, serving as an extra, helping us fundraise, or contributing whatever other applicable skills you may have to the project.


As mentioned above, we have access to a pretty decent selection of equipment from the Northwest Film Center, but maybe you have something better or they don’t have. If you’re willing to let us borrow your equipment or rent it out to us for a low rate, that would be great!


Do you have something to provide us that isn’t listed? Feel free to reach out and see if it’s something we can use! Sometimes even the most random things can be helpful.